The Love Driven Man

The Love Driven ManBook Summary

Do you feel like God created you for more?

Our experiences shape who we are and what we believe. When we feel like something is missing, we have to change our routines to find fresh perspectives.

After reading The Love Driven Man, you will recognize how our minds’ desire to control blinds us to options and results in fear. The book will guide you through a series of questions that will help you make more fulfilling choices – Love Driven decisions that will bring you closer to God and what matters eternally.

You will read vulnerable stories ranging from Marek’s time in communist Poland, through West Point, Corporate America, divorce, dating, finding true love to entrepreneurship. Along the way, you will find fascinating vignettes from historical figures, celebrities as well as classical fiction. The diversity of examples will give you new insights and inspire you to take action.

You will avoid the disadvantages of control and bring more love into your life.


The Love Driven Man Reflection Summary

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