Reconnecting to the heart at Thanksgiving

It’s kind of funny how my approach to Thanksgiving has changed throughout the years. When I was young, I couldn’t wait to gorge on amazing food. When I started working, I couldn’t wait for the time off. Now … I like to reflect on how can I grow in my ability to show gratitude. My […]

Be consistent when you’re the only one looking

Last Friday I went to Inspired Leaders event where I heard Bob Milner talk about the power of routines. He said that if you study any successful leader, you will find that he or she had a routine that enabled them to make impact happen.  I thought I had a good routine. But when I […]

The mustard seed in small beginnings

Last week I went to Live2Lead. I got to watch many speakers share a ton of great information. So much so, that I could do a blog entry, every day, for the rest of the year 🙂 The one nugget that really stood out for me though, came from Tyler Perry who said “Don’t despise […]

Stepping through the desert, one prayer at a time

Last weekend I went to a men’s retreat called Band of Brothers. The speaker, Father Torres, talked about what it means to be a Christian man in this day and age. One particular idea that I wanted to reflect on further is that we, as Christians, should rejoice when we are going through the desert, […]

Looking forward to an uncomfortable conversation

Last week, I went to a Connect and Learn where one of the VEL ambassadors talked about her inspiring journey from working for her dad, through becoming a teacher, to taking a big step of faith into entrepreneurship. Along the way, Elizabeth shared a lot of stories that centered on walking through discomfort and could […]

The best place to start is to be humble

Last week I heard a speaker who talked about his journey from being fired as a Texas A&M coach, through loading up cattle to make ends meet, all the way to finally coming back to coaching baseball almost two years later. He said there are two types of men: those who are humble or those […]

The power to relate through stories

  The other day I came across an informal study that tested the impact of ageism. The experiment had two teachers teach a lesson on the same topic, to see which one the students would pick. One young, one old. The old one was super qualified and taught the class without much interaction. The young […]

Visualizing for meaningful connections

I remember even as far back as college where I heard about the tremendous benefits of visualizations. The classic example being olympic gymnasts who imagine themselves performing the routine flawlessly in their mind, before executing it in front of the judges. In fact, multiple athletes cite visualizations as a key enabler of their success. I […]

I choose to stop saying I have to

As part of the Personal Growth Course I’m currently re-reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” A lot of great nuggets re-discovered. Specifically, in the “Listening to Our Language” section, Stephen R. Covey writes that our language becomes a sell-self-fulfilling prophecy. Yes, couldn’t agree more. For example, I scroll to the “Reactive Language” section, […]

No more dinosaur arm raises

Last week a friend of mine gave a great talk on servant leadership at Inspired Leaders. So many great nuggets, yet interestingly enough, the one that stood out the most to me was when Terry asked the room to raise their arms if they are a leader. Because I was in the Army, it’s almost […]