Open up your circle

We are all seeing way too much division these days. Take something as simple as news. I can’t just read what happened. First, I have to pick whether I want to get news from a liberal or conservative lens, for example, CNN or Fox News, and then I get corresponding facts. The vantage points rarely overlap […]

How to measure happiness

As my birthday approached this year, I had a conversation with my wife, which made me realize that I used to dread my birthdays. Why? I felt the pressure to show myself that with each increasing year on this planet, I had an increase in status to prove I’m on the right track. So, for […]

I’m not competing, I’m filling the gap

Most of us learn to compete at a very young age. Sports, school, clubs, to name a few. While some healthy competition is a great teacher, too much makes us go into the rivalry mode by default. I’ve been guilty. For example, sometimes I would say things not to advance the conversation but to show […]

How to experience the exceptional

We have a strong tendency to go along with the status quo or default option. In fact, in the book I’m reading, “Nudge” writes about how whatever the default choices are, many people stick with them. How can we harness this power for good? Interestingly enough, what comes to my mind is Toastmasters. For those […]

Target for compounding growth

Our minds need a target. For when we don’t have a target, we aim mindlessly. Quite literally. Let me give you an example. An airport had a problem with men peeing too much on the floor and not enough into a urinal. The authorities made a correct assumption that the mess wasn’t intentional and a […]

Reading the heart through the body

This week I dropped out of the Founder’s Institue program, and I wanted to take a bit of time to digest the lessons learned. First of all, the program was great, but it was also very fast-paced. I have a good idea, but my heart wasn’t ready to go into execution mode. At least not […]

Following your heart compass

The other day I was scrolling through LinkedIn, and I came across an HBR article that talked about how people who accomplished the extraordinary did it by seeing opportunities everyone else misses regularly. A good example is a guy who invented the Velcro. Instead of just shaking off the burrs that stuck to his clothing, he […]

Two essentials for change

As part of the Founder’s Institute, I’m learning to get feedback. I knew that you want to know ahead of time if the customer wants to buy your product, but I missed the importance of understanding the problem you’re solving. Sometimes you think you know the problem, but is it the main problem? Is it […]

What Marie Antoinette teaches us about taking responsibility

Saturday night, I went to see the ballet based on the life of Marie Antoinette. I’m not much of a ballet person, but the creative choreography that told the story without words impressed me, especially when it came to not so glamorous, such as riots and beheadings. However, as I was reading the pamphlet, I […]

Soreness from failure leads to success

Last week I had my first round of pitching for Founder’s Institute. Wow, was it uncomfortable! The first few people who came up worked on their ideas for at least a year, and it showed. My mind started telling me that I’m too behind to keep up with the rigorous schedule. I should consider dropping […]