If we don’t have a challenge, life gets boring

This past weekend I went to Advance 2020, where I got a fantastic opportunity to connect with roughly 40 guys from all walks of life but one purpose of getting closer to God. I picked up a lot of different nuggets. The one that comes to the forefront of my mind is if we don’t […]

Crazy combinations for awesome ideas

Recently, I did Goat Yoga with my wife. I heard about Goat Yoga a few years back on CNN, but now I did it. Yes, I had fun which made me want to reflect a bit more about crazy combinations for awesome ideas I never played with goats before, and I was stunned by how […]

Use your mind, don’t let it use you

This Christmas, I continued my annual tradition of writing a letter to my parents. I started back in 2015, 25th the anniversary of my Father’s death and the 10th anniversary of my mom’s death. The letter is nothing more than a page summarizing my year, and over time has become a very insightful benchmark into […]

A surprising way to teach confidence

A few weeks back I went to a donor event where I came across a few high school students who exuded great confidence. I thought about myself at their age and wondered what’s the secret? Just last week, I got to visit their school, Beta Academy, where I learned a surprising way to teach confidence. […]

Compliment to grow excellence

When I get stuck, I tend to scroll through YouTube to “get ideas.” I’m still working on it, but it’s not a complete vice as recently I came across a video that analyzed what makes celebrities charismatic. As it turns out, charming people compliment to grow excellence. I used to believe that focusing too much […]

An understanding that beats the odds

Last week I saw “Midway.” All I remember about the battle going in was that it became a turning point in the pacific theatre. The movie made me realize how badly outnumbered American forces were and how listening in on the Japanese communications gave the US Navy a tremendous advantage; An understanding that beats odds.  Upon […]

An apology always beats justice

Recently, my wife asked me to read “The Five Languages of Apology” chapter at a time so that we can make our relationship stronger. The first chapter talked about why making amends is so essential. The reason that spoke most to me is that when our partner or boss doesn’t apologize, we will try to […]

Talk about effort effectively 

Last week I went to a mastermind where, among many things, the speaker mentioned how entrepreneurs tend to go on about how much effort they put into a product instead of what the client wants. The experience made me reflect on how to talk about effort effectively? I heard a potent analogy of buying a […]

Future robbing our present

I have a hard time accepting how quickly Christmas spirit is taking over in early November. I mean, we are still a couple of weeks away from Thanksgiving, but I see the lights, trees, and one radio station already plays nothing but carols. I can’t help but wonder, where is this holiday creep coming from? […]

The fewer the likes the greater share of honor

I don’t remember much in terms of what I learned in my high school classes. Good education, no doubt, but most of it was a foundation that I expanded in college. The ideas that I remember to this day came from my English classes, which oddly enough was a subject I liked least at the […]