Working hard … but towards what?

Most of us would say we have a strong work ethic and strong work ethic is something we admire in others. However, from my observations, talking to others and looking through various posts online I can’t help but notice how everyone feels overworked. On the other, I recently read an article outlining the most common […]

Measuring personal growth: tuning into your emotions

While lessening judgment of others is a huge step towards inner peace, to keep the momentum going, one has to eventually address self-judgment. This is way harder. For me this was tougher, because I was going by the common advice centering on not trusting our emotions. After all, aren’t they fleeting? I disagree. I believe […]

Connecting to something bigger than ourselves

Connecting to something bigger than ourselves I can’t take full credit for this as the seed was planted when I was watching one of Simon Sinek videos where he talked about a time when he watched “The biggest catch.” In that particular episode the two fierce competitors helped to get a crew member back on […]

The question to ask when making a decision

Over the last year or so and with increasing frequency, whenever I am facing a choice I ask myself is what I am about to do out of love or out of fear? This simple question clarifies the alternatives for me A LOT. When I talk about this concept with others, however, I sense a […]

How do I know I’m not settling?

Recently I watched a clip on the purpose of prayer, which sparked a lot thoughts. The priest in the video said something to the effect of: If God is unchangeable and knows everything, what’s the point of prayer? Obviously this is not a simple concept, so I have to do best I can with a […]

What are we really after?

About a year ago, I came across Danielle LaPorte’s work, which revolves around core desired feelings. The thinking here being that we are not chasing the goals themselves, but the feeling that achievement of those goals will give us. But that got me recently thinking … can you go one step deeper? Is it possible […]

Melting away judgement: looking past labels

One of the most powerful phrases I came across during my coach certification was: “Nothing has meaning until you give it meaning.” For me specifically, the meaning came from a place of judgment as to whether the particular event fed my ego or deflated it. No, I wasn’t a narcissist. Quite the opposite actually. I’m […]

Measuring personal growth progress: burning the boat

About four months ago I came across the concept of “Burning the Boat,” which has occupied my mind ever since. The idea is actually quite simple; Pulling the trigger though, is anything but … particularly when it’s your first time doing it. I just went on Wikipedia and to my surprise I found a lot […]

Belief as a requirement to understanding

Recently I was listening to a CD course on my way to work in which the lecturer brought up St. Augustine’s concept of needing to believe first, before being able to understand. In other words: having your heart set right first, so that your mind can follow. This is so true, but yet so counter […]

Suffering vs self-inflicted wounds

Given that this was my first Lent season as a certified coach, I planted a seed in my head that I will want to reconcile for myself the crucifixion that is at the center of Christian tradition, and the stereotypical wellness advice that in a nutshell tells you suffering is a choice …. and not […]