Growing strength with weakness

One of the many benefits of yoga is having a diversity of teachers who every now and then say something that I write down until such time that I am ready to understand better what it means to me. In this case, the particular saying was … and it’s not exact words … the problem […]

Love versus passion    

One of the most common questions that inevitably pops up in a career-type discussion is: what are you passionate about? For a long time I thought that was a good data point, but now I feel like it’s actually counterproductive. To me, passion implies a very strong feeling. Very commonly connected with sex and so […]

Standing bow pose and peace understanding

I’ve been doing yoga for just over four years and boy has it been a journey. Much can be written here, so in the interest of time, I’ll focus on my most recent realization, which came from doing the standing bow. As you see from the picture above, the pose is all about balance. Yes, […]

Happiness AND Inner Peace

I recently came across a post where the author said he gave up on searching for happiness, because it’s fleeting and instead is focusing on finding inner peace, because it’s sustainable … using the following quote as a back drop: “Is there a difference between happiness and inner peace? Yes. Happiness depends on conditions being […]

Heart GPS

A few weeks ago my fiancé sends me podcast where Joel Osteen compared God’s communication with us to GPS (global positioning system). This analogy is very powerful, especially when it comes to getting a direction command only when you actually have to make a turn, or when you make a wrong one. In other words, […]

Headlights and New Year Resolutions

It’s hard not to think about 2018 and, at least at some point, think about new beginnings. I get it. In fact, that’s me know J New Year shouldn’t be the driver, but in a way it is, because so many mediums and conversations bring it right up. While in the Army and Corporate America, […]

Knowing without knowing

Just like last year, I continued my Christmas tradition of writing a letter to my parents, both of whom have passed away during this Holiday season. For those of you that might be new to my blog, it’s nothing more than a snapshot of how I view my past year and where I think I’m […]

Finding love at work

The other day I was attending a quarterly update meeting for my department, which for the longest I labeled, in my mind, as a dog and pony show of self-promotion. This time around, for whatever reason, I dug in deeper. For example, as I watched a good friend of mine talk about his project, I […]

A better way to visualize future

If we all saw the future results of our choice … wouldn’t we ALL make much better choices? Right? So interestingly enough, the other day I saw a video where a guy was facing a series of decisions. After a bit of hesitation, fear got the best of him and in each instance, he went down […]