How to leverage your feelings to make better decisions

The more I’m learning, the more I realize just how many decisions are made based on how we want to feel instead of logic. I mean, I used to think I make logical decisions, but those decisions were really made based on what I felt I was lacking and I used my brain to justify […]

How to adjust time to oneself

The more I start living in the spirit the more I am fascinated by the concept of adjusting time to me versus adjusting myself to time. I think we are all very familiar with adjusting ourselves to time. Just like there is a time for us to start crawling, walking and then running so comes […]

How to use community to grow your faith

The other day I read about a Yale University study in which the appetite hormones of a group of volunteers plunged after drinking what they were told was an “indulgent” high-calorie milkshake but didn’t budge when they drank a “sensible” low-calorie shake—even though the two drinks were actually identical. The particular publication, which quoted this […]

How to proactively bring more God encounters into your life

Last week, I went to the Holy Thursday mass. My church has really good music to begin with and yet they managed to take kick it up to a whole new level as the singing felt Angelic and the instruments heavenly. Almost like I was in a different dimension …. And oh yes … I […]

How to tell if you are thriving and surviving

The other day I was watching an interview with a successful entrepreneur who said that if humanity were a stock, he’d short it. Meaning, he believes we are on the path of self-destruction, and only by pairing with artificial intelligence, we can avoid the inevitable downfall. Then he asked the interviewer what the goal for […]

How to rewire your brain to come closer to God

I saw it everywhere. Tons of articles, interviews, podcasts you name it, talking about changing your perception as an absolute and necessary step to changing your reality. Sounds great in theory, I thought, but how would that work in practice? As a computer science major, I personally experienced the pain of unintentional consequences when you […]

Finding a way when there doesn’t seem to be a way

I don’t think of myself as a handyman. In fact, I almost always pay others to take care of things around the house, because I’m afraid I’ll make it worse. Well …. there was this one time when I re-caulked my shower, which felt and looked amazing … but my mind dismissed it as a […]

A simple step to transform worry

I’ve had enough experiences to date to realize, that God worked all things for my best. Although some things have taken way longer than expected, hind sight 20/20 the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Most prominent example being relationships. While I wish I could have met my fiancé sooner, we both agreed that had that […]

The transformational power of not enough

“Forrest Gump” is a movie I by far re-watched the most. It just never gets old to me. Not only that, each time I watch it, I still inevitably tear up here or there. Then I saw “The Greatest Showman” and boy I wish I brought some tissues 😁 I could write a whole series […]

Loving people for how they are, not for what they do

I don’t know even when, but I heard about the concept of loving people for who they are instead of what they do a long time ago. In my mind, it was definitely a worthy ideal, but yet seemed to be so impractical … In fact I remember myself watching the first Spiderman movie … […]