How to keep focus on spiritual health

We are combination of flesh and spirit. One drives the other no doubt. Yet it is so much harder to assess spiritual health over material health. I’m thinking here of the recent celebrity suicides who seemed to have it all .. in the physical world. Obviously, I don’t know what went through Anthony Bourdain’s or […]

Vice half-life

The other day when I was doing yoga, the concept of half-life came into my mind. I thought …. we are human and as such imperfect. Biologically, we are wired for zeroing in on danger to keep ourselves from harm … and so it is very natural for us to over focus on the negative. […]

We need to be reminded more than we need to be taught

Last week I attended Start-up & Business Essentials Course with VEL Institute. The particular session was on Leadership Principles and the instructor, Bob, mentioned a line that for some reason struck a chord with me. The line was: “We need to be reminded more than we need to be taught” and so I wanted to take some […]

How to appreciate God’s unresponsiveness

The other day I got this thought. How come the bible’s promises don’t have a time delivery guarantee? For example, one of my favorite ones from Matthew 7:7 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you” … This could mean tomorrow or […]

Hope Anchors Souls

Last weekend I went to a Nigerian Catholic mass. It was a total coincidence in terms of how I got there, and yet a total God-incident when it comes to what I got out of it. The music was so different. Its vigor allowed me to experience God from a different continent’s perspective and consequently […]

How to use logic as an emotional advocate

During a recent Sunday a priest gave a homily, which included quite a bit of St. Ignatius’ ideas of consolation and desolation. Obviously much can be written here, but in interest of time, I’m going to summarize my main takeaway: the inter play between logic and emotion. I’m a firm believer in listening to your […]

Feeling not enough and love

As I am working on refining my Love Proficiency Quiz, I am definitely facing a lot of discomfort. Tell you what, one of the most humbling experiences is to put something out you think is awesome and see people “misinterpret” it. The reason I put “misinterpret” in quotes is because that seems to be my […]

How to leverage your feelings to make better decisions

The more I’m learning, the more I realize just how many decisions are made based on how we want to feel instead of logic. I mean, I used to think I make logical decisions, but those decisions were really made based on what I felt I was lacking and I used my brain to justify […]

How to adjust time to oneself

The more I start living in the spirit the more I am fascinated by the concept of adjusting time to me versus adjusting myself to time. I think we are all very familiar with adjusting ourselves to time. Just like there is a time for us to start crawling, walking and then running so comes […]