What is the next right next step? (Ep #66)

It’s not about me. We are here for a reason. What’s the meaning of life? To Vince, it’s giving glory to God by doing good works to others. Whenever it gets bad, like, for example, when he got in a car wreck putting up campaign signs, Vince asks himself, “What is the next right next […]

Can’t have watered down beliefs (Ep #65)

We, as men, can’t have watered down beliefs. We have to stand up for the people who can’t stand up for themselves. That’s why, for example, you’ll find Vince Santini at pro-life rallies, courts, and the campaign trail. Please listen in as Vince explains why he volunteers as a sponsor for couples going through marriage […]

Ministry of Presence (Ep #64)

Henry shares how the ministry of presence helped him to make sense of his 4-year-old son’s death. Jake died in his arms after a 2-year fight with bone cancer. Henry doesn’t even remember the first year after his son’s passing. Please listen in to the small miracles that helped him get over the hump. More […]

Still struggling to forgive God (Ep #63)

Henry shares how his 4-year-old son’s death left him still struggling to forgive God. Jacob’s situation was so grim that even the doctor cried when giving a prognosis. Two years of 25 days a month hospital stays, and multiple 14-hour surgeries turned him into a zombie. Please listen in as Henry describes how this trial […]

Without God, healing won’t be complete (Ep #62)

Tammy shares how she learned that without God, healing wouldn’t be complete. After having a terrible argument with a teenage daughter, she woke up the next day and said to her husband: “I’m going to church. I’m taking my kids. You can either how with me and save our family or don’t, and I don’t […]

I’ve got to be enough (Ep #61)

Tammy shares how she became obsessed with, “I’ve got to be enough.” She became the busiest unemployed person. In fact, Tammy became a pageant director. A broken person mentoring young women not to be broken! Please listen in as Tammy tells the story of how the internal box that allowed her to forget about molestation […]

No wasn’t an option (Ep #60)

Tammy shares a series of experiences that lead her to believe no wasn’t an option for her. Even though amazing parents adopted her, seven years of molestation led her to promiscuous relationships, rape, abortions, and an eating disorder. Please listen in as Tammy explains how the feelings of not belonging in her family resulted in […]

Do I have what it takes? (Ep #59)

Tracy shares what helped him to answer the question, “Do I have what it takes?” He starts with a story of a donkey as an example of how to learn not only what we want, but also what we don’t want. Tracy also talks about how Jesus helps him to overcome childhood insecurities as well […]

Trying to bang in the missing piece (Ep #58)

Tracy shares how he tried to bang in the missing piece by looking for love in all the wrong places. He never knew his father and all he remembers is a deep empty hole. Please listen in on how Big Brothers, Big Sisters set Tracy on the right path as well as what helped him […]

When you let God in, things start moving (Ep #57)

Gordy shares how, when he let God in, things started moving in his marriage. Like most men, he dragged his feet because he didn’t think he needed help. Even once he started, one of the counselors fired him and his wife, because he felt they were too far gone as a couple. Please listen in […]