Why does a loving God bring up guilt? (Ep#50)

Chris answers why does a loving God bring up guilt? It may sound insensitive to confront heavy stuff in your heart. However, in Chris’ case, God offered a path of reconciliation and freedom from stuffing down abortion. Please listen in as we discuss how unresolved guilt affects us day to day, how to receive forgiveness […]

Do the seemingly inconsistent, consistently great results will emerge

Last week, as I went through the Founder Institute’s materials and I came across a video by one of its mentors, Phil Libin. Many gems indeed, but I’d like to focus on his take on mediocrity and greatness because it’s an insightful perspective on the mind and heart dynamic. He said that when you strive […]

Churched but not taught (Ep #49)

Chris shares how being churched but not taught resulted in not having the foundation to question abortion. He was 27, it wasn’t convenient, and he just wanted to off the baby problem. In fact, it took him a few minutes to make the decision. Please listen in as Chris talks about what helped him to […]

Unwatchable perfection

I am not a Jeopardy regular. I just know that it’s a show, which tests all sorts of random knowledge and I feel smart if I know the answer to 1 in 10 questions, especially when the competitors seem to recall the answers in an instant. Jeopardy is now all over the news because the […]

Why is there so much anger? (Ep #48)

Trevor and Marek discuss why is there so much anger? We start by defining what anger is and what causes us to lash out. Then we shift into practical advice on how to break the cycle and use the times we fall short as opportunities to strengthen our relationships. Heart for Excellence Episode #47 with […]

The heart to face insurmountable odds

My sister came over to spend a week with us, and we decided to take her to show her San Antonio. I’ve been there before, but it’s been a while. Especially the Alamo.  The Alamo is a place where 200 defenders held out courageously for 13 days before thousands of Mexican soldiers killed everyone. What […]

The transition from “Me First” (Ep #47)

Trevor and Marek discuss how our guests made the transition from “Me First.” It’s tempting for us men to think that we are the only ones struggling, but we ALL wrestle with the SAME things. In this episode, you will learn about the benefits of transitioning from selfishness and the importance of finding the guys […]

Logic failures that lead to success

Bunker Labs helps veteran entrepreneurs and military spouses find the quickest route to a successful business. Being part of this awesome community, I took their Launch Lab Online Course, which was full of great nuggets. The one that stood out to me the most is that it takes 3.8 business failures until finding a successful […]

I don’t control squat (Ep #46)

Lee shares how his IT project management experiences led him to conclude that “I don’t control squat.” Like for all of us, it’s a constant struggle of wanting to micromanage rather than surrender to God. Please listen on a discussion of how to balance the paradox of giving all the power to the Holy Spirit […]

Small acts for huge impact

Last Thursday, I heard the reading about Jesus washing the Apostles’ feet. I’ve heard it many times before, but yesterday I thought about it from a brand new perspective. That of small acts for huge impact! Notice how when Peter protested about the washing for the feet, Jesus said: “Unless I wash you, you will have […]