Simple question that can help declutter your life

As it turns out, we are terrible at judging ourselves. According to a recent study, 93% of test subjects rated themselves above average in their driving ability. No wonder then that some of our well-intended actions might be hurting us. That’s why I wanted to share the following litmus test, which helped me take a […]

Breaking Bad Habits

Very early on my consciousness journey, even before I really knew what consciousness means, I recognized a need to free myself of certain bad habits. In fact, as I’m looking through the journal entry from ~3.5 years ago, the list of those bad habits read more like wishful thinking (I’m not gonna list them all […]

First step on authentic Me journey

Being your “true self” sounds so simple at face value. However, just like most slogans, the concept gives a quick sugar rush when repeated, but then tends to get crowded out in the daily sensory overload. Deep inside we all yearn to be connected to our essence; It is the very fuel that drives our […]