How to trade expectation for appreciation

Expectations are tough. While they do serve the purpose of giving us a target, more often than not, they get overused by forcing us to conform to something that doesn’t resonate with our true selves. For instance, I expected to be perfect in all that I do. At first glance, this might seem like a […]

Frankenstein and avoiding sunk cost

Last week I listened to a podcast titled “Upside of Quitting” that talked about the benefits of giving up. Very counterintuitive, I mean, who likes to be called a quitter? Point being that one of the main reasons we tend to keep digging a hole for ourselves is because of sunk cost. In other words, […]

How I transform envy

In the day and age of social media where it gets more and more tempting to post highlights in order to fit in, I wonder why platforms such as facebook are cited as leading causes of dissatisfaction. I mean, gratitude is a big component of a happy life, so why gratitude-type posts lead to misery? […]

Learning how to do things with love

I recently heard a definition of a Saint as doing ordinary things with extraordinary love. Not that I am comparing myself to being a saint, but I think the reason this definition resonated with me is that it points to the root cause behind the seemingly impossible: love. Maybe because I’m a guy or because […]

Being special vs. acting special

While it’s been a bit of a journey, I am a firm believer in everyone’s sanctity. It might not be always easy to see it, particularly in criminals or terrorists, yet no one was born to be evil and as such our nature is inherently good. Last week I got a ticket and it made […]

What does happiness really mean?

I think that it’s pretty safe to say we all want happiness. So much so, the American constitution lists pursuit of happiness as one of the three inalienable rights. What does happiness mean exactly though? Is it possible to universally define it? Of course, I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel like I’m getting […]

Being at peace with yourself and the world

I remember coming across a quote about a year ago which said something to the effect of: “You can either be at peace with yourself and war with the world or at war with yourself and peace with the world.” I tried to google it but couldn’t find the author. I particularly recognize how this […]

What does non-attachment to results really mean

I am a firm believer in acting according to self-defined values, without attachment to results. In my mind, that’s the definition of being authentic. While this is a great ideal, the elephant in the room is ego. I’m a bit torn here because the arm-chair-philosopher in me wants to say pride always leads to needless […]

Coming together, like in the times of a disaster

I was very blessed during Tropical Storm Harvey in that I had no flooding, didn’t lose water, internet, nor electricity. I only lost a bit of sleep due to rain noise and gained a small stain on a ceiling with no idea where the water actually came from. Very blessed indeed. However, many of my […]

Falling into fixed mindset in pursuit of belonging

Last week I watched a clip of an approximately 20 year old kid who was wearing a polo shirt with white supremacist insignia. For whatever reason the boy was separated from his group and consequently challenged why he is supporting such radical views. Very quickly, het took off his shirt and said that he was […]