How to take action like a Marine

Last week I went to a VEL Institute Keynote event where two retired Marines talked about their careers to date, mainly focusing on what made them successful. I took quite a bit of notes, and today I wanted to expand on a concept that I think is most relevant to where I am in life.  […]

Fantasies and relationship with God

Last week I attended a talk where the speaker said: “Our fantasies reveal that we haven’t entrusted our lives to the Lord.” At first, the statement struck me as odd. I mean, Isn’t imagining a future where you get the perfect promotion, kids or house something healthy? Something that will keep us hopeful for the […]

Humility as a path to greater love

The more I walk by love, the more I appreciate the importance of humility. I’m sure that being humble is something that I will continually grow into over time and so today I’d like to write some thoughts down to support this process … If I define love as a demonstration of giving in words […]

Taking a break from doing what you love

This week I am out on a honeymoon in Florida, where I get an opportunity not only to relax, but to watch other people relax. Some read a book on the beach Some drink by the pool Some watch their kids play in the sand And some strike up conversations with strangers. Are there any […]

To reach satisfaction in all, desire satisfaction in nothing

Last weekend I went to a morning retreat on St. John of the Cross. There is much I am still digesting, and as part of the process, I felt compelled to reflect on the following quote: “To reach satisfaction in all, desire satisfaction in nothing.” I think the reason why this line intrigued me is […]

Focusing on what you have, because likely it is plenty

Given my size and weight, many people find it surprising that I do yoga. Up until now I’ve been doing Bikram style, which has been great, but there was a part of me that wanted to try some fancy poses … please don’t judge:)  So on the side I started working on the forearm stand […]

How to see beauty hidden in plain sight

The other day I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a clip where a colorblind teenager tested glasses that allowed him to see color for the first time in his life. He put the glasses on without much thought, kind of like we open our eyes morning … and then it hit him.  He […]

Dying of the self so that the new may resurrect

One of the things that initially put me off about Christianity was the glorification of suffering. Looking back and knowing what I know now, it’s probably because our society views suffering as a punishment and ease as a reward. More specifically, I used to be one of those people who believed that people suffer because […]

How to keep focus on spiritual health

We are combination of flesh and spirit. One drives the other no doubt. Yet it is so much harder to assess spiritual health over material health. I’m thinking here of the recent celebrity suicides who seemed to have it all .. in the physical world. Obviously, I don’t know what went through Anthony Bourdain’s or […]