Virtual Leadership

I have the privilege of leading a Christian Veterans Group. We usually meet in person, but Zoom is the best we can do for now. Since we just held our first Live Stream yesterday, I’d like to offer some thoughts on Virtual Leadership. I have to believe that I am connecting. When I speak, I seek […]

Be a part of the solution

As the coronavirus spreads in the United States, so does the suspension of organized activities. Basketball tournaments, Rodeo, even my Veteran Christian Lunches are on hold until further notice. It doesn’t just stop there, because people are losing their jobs. I’m not a person of power, but I wanted to reflect on my response during […]

Go from dreaming to impacting

I’ve meant to write about an article I read on CNN about Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech. Now that I spoke back to back, I feel like I’m ready to reflect on how to go from dreaming to impacting. As it turns out, the “I have a dream” portion wasn’t planned. […]

Teamwork to achieve the impossible

I just finished watching a video on two men who planted over 10,000. One of them is blind, and the other doesn’t have hands, so here’s no way they could have done it on their own. Their example made me want to reflect on the importance of teamwork to achieve the impossible. They plant the […]

No one is more humble than I

I’ve been leading two small accountability groups for over a year now. We meet every other week, and periodically someone says something so profound that I need to unpack it. The phrase I’ll focus on today is, “No one is more humble than I.” As Christians, we are in a constant struggle between pleasing God […]

People want you to inspire them

Last week I went to see a modern spin on the Don Quixote story called Quixote Nuevo. Even though the setting and names were different, the themes were the same. The one that I’d like to focus on today is how people want you to inspire them. Everyone in the play recognizes right away that Don Quixote is […]

What is the next right next step? (Ep #66)

It’s not about me. We are here for a reason. What’s the meaning of life? To Vince, it’s giving glory to God by doing good works to others. Whenever it gets bad, like, for example, when he got in a car wreck putting up campaign signs, Vince asks himself, “What is the next right next […]

It doesn’t matter how bad you’re doing, God says different

I have a great privilege to lead a Veteran’s Christian Lunches. As usual, we were blessed with a great speaker who, this time around, talked about the difficulties of his journey from PTSD and substance abuse. One of his key messages was it doesn’t matter how bad you’re doing, God says different.  I won’t write […]

Can’t have watered down beliefs (Ep #65)

We, as men, can’t have watered down beliefs. We have to stand up for the people who can’t stand up for themselves. That’s why, for example, you’ll find Vince Santini at pro-life rallies, courts, and the campaign trail. Please listen in as Vince explains why he volunteers as a sponsor for couples going through marriage […]