Virtual Leadership

I have the privilege of leading a Christian Veterans Group. We usually meet in person, but Zoom is the best we can do for now. Since we just held our first Live Stream yesterday, I’d like to offer some thoughts on Virtual Leadership.

I have to believe that I am connecting. When I speak, I seek eye contact to make sure my audience is vested in the conversation. Now I have to take even more steps of faith. When I am looking at the camera, I have to believe that the audience is interested. For if I try to discern emotions from small thumbnails of my participants’ camera feeds, that typically include delays, I lose my focus.

I have to be patient with participation. When the audience asks a lot of questions, I know the event is engaging. With virtual meetings, I don’t think this rule applies as well just yet. People are still getting used to multiple voices on the call and will need some practice before participating the same way they would in a physical meeting.

I have to keep trying. I was a bit concerned whether doing a Live Stream was value-added, so I called some folks to get their thoughts. The feedback was positive, and in fact, my favorite one was, “it’s the only thing I was looking forward to today!”

The Control Driven side of us will keep finding Virtual Leadership excuses. It’s not the same as in-person, people have more urgent issues to deal with, or we’ll get back to it when the virus passes. The Love Driven Man will not let perfect be the enemy of good and keep looking for ways to lead.

How can you lead virtually? How can you take more steps of faith?

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