Teamwork to achieve the impossible

I just finished watching a video on two men who planted over 10,000. One of them is blind, and the other doesn’t have hands, so here’s no way they could have done it on their own. Their example made me want to reflect on the importance of teamwork to achieve the impossible.

They plant the trees on what used to be a wasteland, but now is a beautiful forest surrounding their village. In the interview, one of the gentlemen said: “It may be hard financially, but we’re so delighted spiritually.”

Isn’t it similar to us, when we have hefty spiritual goals? Don’t we give up because we don’t think we have the money, but more importantly, people who can help us out.

I’ve noticed myself that a lot of times, I want to see clear advantages before getting started like substantial social media following or a celebrity endorsement. If that ever happens, of course, it would be nice. The example of the two disabled gentlemen touched me because they started with neither—their hearts, not their superpowers, made them a heroic combination.

“When we are working together, we don’t feel disabled at all. We’re a team.” Next time you feel outgunned, consider the teamwork to achieve the impossible. Your heroic match just might be hidden in plain sight.

What are you putting off because you don’t feel equipped enough to do it? Who do you think might be interested in helping you out?

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