No one is more humble than I

I’ve been leading two small accountability groups for over a year now. We meet every other week, and periodically someone says something so profound that I need to unpack it. The phrase I’ll focus on today is, “No one is more humble than I.”

As Christians, we are in a constant struggle between pleasing God and pleasing people. Unfortunately, the two never fully overlap.

Take humility. We all like people who are humble, particularly influential people who give us their precious time. But don’t you find yourself judging others when they don’t appear modest or seem to take advantage of our humbleness.

One answer is to look at God. Jesus has infinite powers and yet treats us all like we are his only child. In other words, there is no simple answer. When we fall short, it’s time to meditate on Jesus’s perfect example. Also, pray because, with God, anything is possible.

As for myself, next time, my pride kicks in, I’m going to tell myself, “No one is more humble than I.” The oxymoron of this phrase makes me laugh, and when I laugh at myself, it’s so much easier to put my ego in perspective.

What keeps you humble? What helps you to get back to humbleness when you fall short?

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