People want you to inspire them

Last week I went to see a modern spin on the Don Quixote story called Quixote Nuevo. Even though the setting and names were different, the themes were the same. The one that I’d like to focus on today is how people want you to inspire them.

Everyone in the play recognizes right away that Don Quixote is crazy. Even though he acts like he is a knight from centuries past, folks can’t help but pay attention when Quixote bestows the highest of hours on each person he encounters, whether that’s an ice cream vendor or a prostitute. It’s pretty entertaining when the actors on the stage show conflict between recognizing that Don Quixote is nuts and the fact that they like how he addresses them.

Our world tells us that we are missing something. Whether that’s a beautiful house, career, or hair, various special interests have to make us feel deficient so that we buy things we don’t need. 

When someone tells us that they see more in us than we think, we can’t help but pay attention. Especially when no hidden agenda is in play, our heart beats faster. But instead of waiting for someone to motivate us, how about we take the first step?

The world can never be too full of hope. Take the initiative. People want you to inspire them!

How often do you inspire others? How can you do it more often?

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