It doesn’t matter how bad you’re doing, God says different

I have a great privilege to lead a Veteran’s Christian Lunches. As usual, we were blessed with a great speaker who, this time around, talked about the difficulties of his journey from PTSD and substance abuse. One of his key messages was it doesn’t matter how bad you’re doing, God says different. 

I won’t write much about the speaker, to protect his privacy, but I can relate to his experience. Even though my struggles have not been as extreme, I’ve noticed several times telling myself that I can’t do something, because I’ve failed at it before.

Take, for example, expressing my emotions. I grew up in a household that never talked about feelings. As such, even into my mid-thirties, I had a hard time understanding what I wanted. This might sound innocent, but it caused a lot of headaches in my relationships since I typically wasn’t happy, or I made the other person unhappy. 

With additional skills and prayer, I am light years ahead. I am by no means perfect, but way better than I ever thought I could be. I am finding out that not only my relationships improved, but what I thought was my weakness, is becoming my strength. In other words, the better I become at articulating feelings, the more effective I become as a husband, a leader, and an entrepreneur. 

Whatever your weakness is, please remember that it doesn’t matter how bad you’re doing, God says different. If deep inside, you know you’d like to do better, remember God made you to be better. It will take face plants, and it will take extra prayer, but with God, anything is possible.

What is your biggest weakness? How can you take the first step of faith?

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