Crazy combinations for awesome ideas

Recently, I did Goat Yoga with my wife. I heard about Goat Yoga a few years back on CNN, but now I did it. Yes, I had fun which made me want to reflect a bit more about crazy combinations for awesome ideas

I never played with goats before, and I was stunned by how lovable they were. Not to mention that they were also wearing adorable Christmas sweaters. The organizers made the experience fun by setting us up for poses where the goats could run on our backs, which felt surprisingly relaxing.

Crazy combinations for awesome ideas apply to relationships as well. Here’s the thing, if somebody asked me a few years back if they should start Goat yoga, I’d tell them they’re nuts. Goats and yoga are too far apart to make the relationship work. But yet it does. In fact, the odd combination is precisely why people can’t help themselves but want to check it out. 

How open are you to new ideas? What would help you to try new things?

Are you struggling in a relationship? Do you have a specific view of where your relationship should be, but don’t know how to get there?

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