Use your mind, don’t let it use you

This Christmas, I continued my annual tradition of writing a letter to my parents. I started back in 2015, 25th the anniversary of my Father’s death and the 10th anniversary of my mom’s death. The letter is nothing more than a page summarizing my year, and over time has become a very insightful benchmark into how I’m growing as a person. The main lesson I learned this year is to use your mind, don’t let it use you. 

As I wrote this year’s letter and re-read entries from the previous four years, I’ve noticed how easy it is to forget progress to date and get down by ever-growing expectations. For example, when I compare my business results to a corporate salary, I feel disappointed, but when I compare myself to where I thought I’d be just a year earlier, I’m super impressed. 

Our brains will always find proof that’s something wrong. That’s their job, identify dangers so that we can avoid them. Our job is to make sure the mind remains a tool and doesn’t become a master. For progress requires setbacks, and setbacks become blessings in the rear-view mirror.

So please, use your mind, don’t let it use you.

What helps you to keep your mind in check? How do you know when your brain is becoming your master?

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