A surprising way to teach confidence

A few weeks back I went to a donor event where I came across a few high school students who exuded great confidence. I thought about myself at their age and wondered what’s the secret? Just last week, I got to visit their school, Beta Academy, where I learned a surprising way to teach confidence.

The first classroom I entered was the second graders who were super engaged and focused on the teacher. I saw eight year olds call out commands like “all eyes on me” before speaking, which the whole class repeated as their full attention shifted to the speaker. 

As it turns out, the methodology stems from a “whole brain learning,” which adds chants and gestures to maximize student engagement. 

What touched me the most about the Beta Academy visit is students learning from the youngest of age to ask for attention and also give attention. Regardless of where we are in life, we need a process that not only keeps us accountable for being heard, but equally allowing others to feel heard as well. Otherwise, we’ll waste time making wrong assumptions rather than moving forward.

A surprising way to teach confidence for myself is trying to have the person I’m talking with to laugh. Back in the day, I rolled my eyes when I heard jokes during small talk. Now, however, I find that saying something funny relaxes me and the person I’m talking, which puts us as at ease and helps us to be more natural. Natural, in turn, always means more confident.

What is your surprising way to teach yourself confidence? How can you do it more often?

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