An understanding that beats the odds

Last week I saw “Midway.” All I remember about the battle going in was that it became a turning point in the pacific theatre. The movie made me realize how badly outnumbered American forces were and how listening in on the Japanese communications gave the US Navy a tremendous advantage; An understanding that beats odds. 

Upon learning Japanese plans, Admiral Nimitz could have positioned his forces to play defense. However, he decided that the advanced knowledge of the enemy’s plans was worth more than additional aircraft carriers. 

That knowledge became a force multiplier. US Navy knew what they were facing, so it was just a matter of sending in the waves of attack forces to get the job done. Japanese, on the other hand, never really knew what was going on. They were very reactive throughout the battle and as such, weren’t able to concentrate their forces to a deliver knock out blow.  

The battle of Midway is an excellent analogy for how to regain momentum in our relationships. We can’t just brace for impact. We also have to listen in search of an opening. When the opportunity arises, we have to show up no matter how unprepared we feel. For fear thrives on inaction, and connection favors the bold.

The more we are willing to stick our necks out, the more we’ll grow in an understanding that beats the odds. 

Which relationships would you like to strengthen? How can you listen more? How can you show up more?

Are you struggling in a relationship? Do you have a specific view of where your relationship should be, but don’t know how to get there?

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