Future robbing our present

I have a hard time accepting how quickly Christmas spirit is taking over in early November. I mean, we are still a couple of weeks away from Thanksgiving, but I see the lights, trees, and one radio station already plays nothing but carols. I can’t help but wonder, where is this holiday creep coming from? Why can’t Thanksgiving have its full share of the spotlight? Is the future robbing our present?

My best guess is that the time between Christmas and New year is when it’s socially acceptable for just about everyone to take vacations. And even if some people can’t take time off, the workload slows down, and everyone has more time to do what they want.

Early Christmas decorations are popular because they help us finish out the year strong, by getting us to think about all the freedom we’ll get come the holidays.

Nothing evil, per se, but when we are focusing too much on the future, we give up what we can control, which is now. 

In other words, is the future robbing our present?

I remember a story that I heard as part of a homily when I worked in Indonesia. The priest talked about a businessman who went up to the resting fisherman and asked him why he’s not out catching fish. The fisherman said that he already got all the fish he needed in the morning.

“Why won’t you get out and catch more?” Businessman asked.

“Why?” Replied a perplexed fisherman

“So that you can get more fish, earn more money to buy more boats and hire other fishermen,” the businessman explained, feeling proud of his knowledge.

“Why would I do that?” The fisherman asked with even more confusion.

“So you can rest!” Explained the businessman with a smile.

“But I am resting now!” Said the fisherman

When is your focus on the future robbing your today? How can you change that?

Are you struggling in a relationship? Do you have a specific view of where your relationship should be, but don’t know how to get there?

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