The fewer the likes the greater share of honor

I don’t remember much in terms of what I learned in my high school classes. Good education, no doubt, but most of it was a foundation that I expanded in college. The ideas that I remember to this day came from my English classes, which oddly enough was a subject I liked least at the time. In particular, the line that stuck with me was from Shakespeare’s “Henry V” play, which I didn’t read, but saw parts of on a video:) I’ll never forget the main character who was so loud to the point of visible spit as he declared, “the fewer the man, the greater share of honor!” when rallying his troops against a much larger foe. Fast forward a few decades, as well as a couple of wars, and I wonder if the same principle is just as applicable in the social media arena. In other words, “the fewer the likes, the greater share of honor!”

Aren’t likes like soldiers? The more soldiers you have behind you, the more confident you feel.

Similarly, the more likes your post gets, the more confident we feel in the power of our message. Except, how do we explain the tons of likes on pictures of a sushi burrito? Is that the army we’d like to lead?

Here’s the point. We all like to get positive surprises. See somebody overcome impossible odds. Do something that requires a ton of courage and conviction. The fact of the matter is that all these folks had to start small and by doing something very UN-popular.

So if you find yourself doing something that gets a small number of likes, perhaps you’re much like Henry V, and just like him, it’s time to declare from the top of your lungs: “the fewer the likes, the greater share of honor!”

What do you feel passionate about that gets few likes? How can you use that to your advantage? 

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