Excellence regardless of the score

I’m not a sports fan in general, but even I can’t help but get sucked into how my local team, Astros, is doing in the world series. I watched a bit of the first two games, and I concluded that Nationals, the opposing team, was superior. 

But guess what, Astros turned around and won the next three games straight! I thought they would win the championships, but guess what again, the Nationals came back and took the title with 4-3!

The experience made me wonder how good I am in maintaining excellence regardless of the score. In theory, we should give our best regardless of points, but the reality is that this is super hard. The wider the gap, the harder it is to stay motivated. 

I can’t give a magic pill, and I don’t want to spray you with cliches. What I will say, based on my experiences, is how well I decouple my attitude from the score is a direct reflection of how much I believe in what I do. 

In other words, when I’m letting the losses influence how I show up, it’s time, to be honest. Do I believe in what I do? Nothing wrong with the answer being “no” because it frees me up to find something where the answer is “yes.” Because when the answer is “yes,” it means I found something worth sacrificing. Yes, it will be painful, but that pain is the path to greater fulfillment and in time, will become a testimony for others in similar times to stay the course.

How does the score influence your excellence? What can you do to change it?

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