Don’t outsource connecting to technology

I came across a story about a person noticing how guests would tell his Alexa to keep changing music. In the days of manual players if somebody would want to change music, as a host, he would always be asked first, but now with voice commands curtsies seem to have gone out the window. To me, it’s a cautionary tale of why we don’t want to outsource connecting to technology.

The following might seem like hyperbole but hang with me. “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely” applies not only to the government but also our lives. Our ability to relate decays in proportion to how much instantly obedient technology we habituate into our lives. 

An excellent example for me was a five-year online dating stint. The instantly obedient matching algorithms would present me with seemingly perfect matches, that is until I met them in person. The never-ending supply of profiles made me believe that finding love is a matter of throwing as many things as possible on the wall to see what sticks, rather than making internal changes. In my case, it wasn’t until I got off the hamster wheel that I finally achieved what technology could never do for me: finding a wife.

I know it’s a delicate balancing act as I also greatly benefit from automation. So the question to ask is: is the technology strengthening or weakening my ability to connect. 

Don’t outsource connecting to technology. For example, publishing this blog online helps me to widen the reach, but if I solely rely on google search to make change happen, then I am neglecting my responsibility as a Love Proficiency Coach. As such, I need to be honest with myself and ensure that I use technology to amplify my message and not hide behind it.

How is technology getting in your way of connecting with people? What is one step you can take change it? 


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