Target for compounding growth

Our minds need a target. For when we don’t have a target, we aim mindlessly. Quite literally. Let me give you an example.

An airport had a problem with men peeing too much on the floor and not enough into a urinal. The authorities made a correct assumption that the mess wasn’t intentional and a simple by-product of not paying much attention. So the airport gave men something to aim at by etching the image of a black housefly into each urinal. Consequently, the fly etchings reduce the spillage by 80%.

Isn’t peeing on the floor an allegory of how we do stupid things, not because we want to do dumb things, but because our minds disengage to save calories. That’s why we need stretch targets to move us in the intended direction, or we’ll end up all rested for the epic mission that never knocks on our door. 

What helps you head in the right direction? 


Are you struggling in a relationship? Do you have a specific view of where your relationship should be, but don’t know how to get there?

You are stuck because your mind doesn’t see how you can improve the situation. That’s why you have a hard time taking action. You need someone to show you a new approach that will make transformation simple!

After the Relationship Audit, you will:

1. Understand how your actions are affecting the relationship.

2. Learn how simple skills will turn this relationship into a source of strength.

To book a free, 30-minute Relationship Audit, please click on the following link.

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