Two essentials for change

As part of the Founder’s Institute, I’m learning to get feedback. I knew that you want to know ahead of time if the customer wants to buy your product, but I missed the importance of understanding the problem you’re solving.

Sometimes you think you know the problem, but is it the main problem? Is it a problem people are willing to live with? Or there’s even a better one, is it a customer’s problem or your wishful thinking?

What I learned from doing customer interviews so far is that a problem is not a real problem, unless you see an emotional reaction. Because when we don’t have an emotional response, it’s like we’re on autopilot. Our heart is disengaged, so that means the issue is not that big of a deal. As such, the person will not likely change. The juice is not worth the squeeze. 

The emotional response, however, indicates that you struck a pain point and. The person is all ears and open to change. 

What a great analogy to our lives. From the day we are born, we are on a continual adaptation journey. In fact, Heraclitus famously wrote thousands of years ago: “change is the only constant in life.”

When your heart is not on board, change is stressful. When your mind is not on board, change is wishful thinking. But when the two essentials for change are in alignment, everything gets simpler, and success is only a matter of time.

Which areas of your life would you like to change? Are your mind AND heart fully on board?


Are you struggling in a relationship? Do you have a specific view of where your relationship should be, but don’t know how to get there?

You are stuck because your mind doesn’t see how you can improve the situation. That’s why you have a hard time taking action. You need someone to show you a new approach that will make transformation simple!

After the Relationship Audit, you will:

1. Understand how your actions are affecting the relationship.

2. Learn how simple skills will turn this relationship into a source of strength.

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