Soreness from failure leads to success

Last week I had my first round of pitching for Founder’s Institute. Wow, was it uncomfortable! The first few people who came up worked on their ideas for at least a year, and it showed. My mind started telling me that I’m too behind to keep up with the rigorous schedule. I should consider dropping out. 

As mentors called person after person and I became more and more unsettled. Until one of the mentors mentioned something to the effect of “You have to get good at failing, until one day when you fail at failing and you finally succeed.”

The quote woke my heart up. My relationship with app development instantly became a whole lot simpler. 

Why is that? Our mind fears failure. Failure is a pain, and no one likes it. But if you look at failure as an expected part of the process, pain loses its sting. Just as I judge my workouts based on the soreness I feel the next day; I can view my pitching failures as an indicator that I am doing the kind of training regimen that WILL yield results. This viewpoint is plenty to keep me going to the next week, and at least for now I’m looking forward to the failure. 

What is your relationship with failure? How can you get better at failing?


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