The story to connect

Now and then we see a video going viral on Facebook. These type of videos seem to straddle it all, doesn’t matter religious beliefs, political views, or ethnicity.

The video that sparked this particular reflection is of Kodi Lee. Kodi not only brought everyone to tears, but he also got the Golden Buzzard from the judges with his performance. 

I want to take a minute and reflect what was it about the performance that touched our hearts and what it means for simplifying our relationships.

Miracles remind us that there is so much more beyond the reality we experience daily. When we see a blind, autistic kid, who can’t speak in full sentences turn into world-class musician behind a piano, we know that something divine is at play. That’s why it’s so hard not to pause, experience the awe, and then share it.

Let’s dig deeper. If you saw Kodi without performing music, you would see a kid with disabilities. If you saw Kodi just playing, you’d think he is a great musician. Just seeing him in one of these settings in isolation would NOT have the impact potential. However, the combination of the two made the video viral — the story to connect.

So what does that mean for simplifying our relationships?

It means giving the context and not just the bare bones facts. It’s showing where we started from and focusing on the kind of adversities we overcame to get to where we are. 

Sharing your story might not result in a viral video, but it will result in a deeper connection, much like an anchor that goes beyond the mind and into the heart. The type of connection that will simplify relationships, because it’s much easier to relate to stories rather than statements of fact.

How are you sharing your story? How can you do it more often?


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