Do the seemingly inconsistent, consistently great results will emerge

Last week, as I went through the Founder Institute’s materials and I came across a video by one of its mentors, Phil Libin. Many gems indeed, but I’d like to focus on his take on mediocrity and greatness because it’s an insightful perspective on the mind and heart dynamic.

He said that when you strive for consistency, you achieve it through mediocrity. If you aim for greatness, consistency will emerge on its own. 

I used to do what was I thought was logical, by consistently following the checklist. This is my status at work, so I should do better in the next evaluation cycle. I kept this manager happy, so I should make the next manager even happier. That’s the best way to grow, I thought. Unfortunately, I didn’t because my heart wasn’t in it. And because my heart wasn’t in it the outcome of my work was mediocre by Exxon standards.

When I started to listen to my heart, I went for greatness. I always admired entrepreneurs, but I didn’t think I was born with the skills to do that. I have much to learn, but my choice to put myself in discomfort and out of the career consistency grows me way more than following the crowd ever would. 

That’s not to say that everyone has to quit their job and become an entrepreneur. No. What it means is that when people lean into the discomfort and do the seemingly inconsistent, consistently great results will emerge.

What does consistency mean to you? How is your definition of consistency, inspiring greatness?


Don’t know how to get started? As a man, you are very good at solving problems with your mind. However, when your romantic relationships suffer, or you don’t feel fulfilled at work, it means that your heart is weighing you down. 

You can’t solve emotional problems by logic alone!

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