Unwatchable perfection

I am not a Jeopardy regular. I just know that it’s a show, which tests all sorts of random knowledge and I feel smart if I know the answer to 1 in 10 questions, especially when the competitors seem to recall the answers in an instant.

Jeopardy is now all over the news because the show has a contestant who keeps winning and is about to break the record for the longest streak. However, few people seem happy with his dominance, because he figured out a sequence to pick the questions on the board, in a way that makes it impossible for the new contestants to beat him. 

Again, I don’t know the show that well so I can’t give an educated opinion, but what fascinates me is how the viewers are turned off by the seeming lack of struggle. Even if it’s a quiz show, we want to see the vulnerability and the sacrifice. When someone is dominating, it’s almost like they are taking performance-enhancing drugs. Or in short cheating.

We don’t respond to supremacy. It’s inhuman. We want to see people sweat, seemingly lose and then come back in the end. Otherwise, much like a machine, the competition has nothing for the heart.

That made me wonder. If we want our heroes to struggle and sacrifice to be watchable, why do we have a double standard by not wanting to apply that same standard to ourselves? In other words, we want a quick and easy win, or we give up.

I’ve been guilty and sometimes continue to be guilty. But what encourages me is the fact that the very perfection that I expect before getting started is the very perfection that people find unwatchable. 

What everyone wants, what everyone responds to is showing the courage to give 100% and then some. 

That simplifies my relationship with perfection.

How do you view perfection? How does perfection impact your ability to get started?


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