A brilliant idea in a landfill

Last weekend I went to a RE:3D open house. It’s a veteran-owned start-up right by my wife’s work which specializes in 3D printing. As one of the team members walked me through I couldn’t believe that a couple of folks could just start a high tech company — particularly one with a lot of established players. Or so I thought! I asked her “How can you get business in such a competitive field?” 

The reason is actually pretty simple. All the other companies focus on 3d printing very specialized parts with high-quality plastic. RE:3D is unique in that they build simpler things with recycled plastic.

A good example is on “Gigabot X” in the picture above. The machine is designed for Purto Rico’s coffee farmers, who currently use baskets to collect coffee beans. Those baskets break a lot. At the same time, Puerto Rico is full of plastic bottles. Therefore, “Gigabot X” will take the used water containers to build 3D printed baskets, which are way more durable than the weaved baskets.

That’s what RE:3D is all about: taking discarded plastic and turning it into desirable products.

This company made me think about my life. Doesn’t my mind push me towards creating specialized parts with premium ingredients? Nothing wrong with that per se, except when my heart is pulling me towards doing everyday solutions with everyday materials. 

For if a company like re:3d ignored the call of their heart, tons of used plastic would remain used. Untapped.

A brilliant idea in a landfill!

What is your heart telling you? How can you take the first step towards the call?


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