Relationships build on logic will not stand

During my daily Bible readings, I came across the passage of how a “house divided against itself will not stand.” So many various application of this principle, but the most relevant one for me right now is assuming harmful intent. In other words, the relationships build on logic will not stand. 

What I mean by that is that I have some friends who I assumed were looking out for themselves and as such I was  tempted to distance myself from these “hypocrites.”

As my judgment vice is dropping, I stopped acting on these stress reactions. I wait. I keep the channel open. 

Because I waited and didn’t act on my “logical” hunches, I’ve been beyond blessed to be proven wrong. So much so, that I haven’t cut out anybody from my life in years, and some of the most “hypocritical” people I assumed, have become some of my closest friends.

Thank God. For if I did follow through on my tendency to label and isolate, I would have divided my community house and would have not able to stand as firmly as I stand now.

In other words, my logical fears don’t get in the way of building relationships that feed my heart.

What drives you to divide your house? How can you give yourself more opportunity for people to pleasantly surprise you?


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