Missed out dreams

I just watched on CNN how a Chinese company makes millions of dollars by having various stars try clothes on a live stream. The particular star they interviewed does this for 8 hours straight, without a bathroom break! She just has an endless rack of clothes that she goes through until she runs out of time! Her take-home pay last year: 2 million dollars…

What really stood out to me is the key to their success: limited time deals … Essentially people watch because they don’t want to miss out on an awesome discount.

Fear of missing out is nothing new, but what made me think is why are people not anywhere near as afraid of missing out when it comes to the dreams that God placed in their hearts?

It’s got to be the time frame. A Discount expires in minutes, while our lives, theoretically don’t expire for decades to come. We wait long enough and our perspective changes overnight from “I have plenty of time” to “It’s too late. “

Is it possible to use the fear of missing out for pursuing our dreams rather than just discounts? 

It comes down to reminding myself that each day is a gift. The next one is never guaranteed. And if I laid on my death bed today, would I have any regrets for any missed out dreams? Because I assumed I had more time? Or worse yet, because I assumed it was too late?

What dream are you putting on the back burner? How can you apply fear of missing out to get going?


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