If you are not a follower, pretty soon you won’t be a leader

About two months ago I went to this meeting, which to this day I have no idea was about. Having said that I have no regrets, as one of the guests, Bob Milner said: “If you are not a follower pretty soon you won’t be a leader” which gave me a pause. A lengthy pause that typically comes from seemingly oxymoronic phrases…

Isn’t being a leader opposite of follower? Then why would your leadership status be driven by something you don’t want to become?

It has to come down to expertise. Leaders might have expertise some of the time and sometimes even most of the time. But never all the time. 

When you assume that you know it all, that’s when it becomes most dangerous. Too many occurrences for me to list here. I’m sure you can identify plenty of your own. 

So does that mean I should always second guess myself? Or worse yet, stop leading altogether?

For me, the litmus test is: am I following ego or am I following God’s will? For if I’m following ego, that’s when I need to break with the herd and follow God.

Because isn’t following God leading?

Are you actually following when you think you’re leading? Or are you actually leading when others might say you are following?


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