Why you want to show up in places that make you uncomfortable

Last weekend, I went to the Lone Star Veterans Association Community Leader orientation. Great event. Wonderful people. One speaker in particular said something I want to unpack: Show up in places that make you uncomfortable.

So many angles I can approach this from. I’m gonna go with creativity. I went to  a lecture a few years back where to professor said that great ideas live on the edge of chaos. They are bold, but not so bold that they go into chaos territory. Going to places that make us uncomfortable, helps us get closer to the edge.

We also tend to have bias towards our ideas. They are GOOD ideas, because they are OUR ideas. Of course! That’s precisely why sharing our thoughts in places that make us uncomfortable is the best way to test our ideas. To make them better or at least realize how passionate we are about them … to the point that we are able to take on the critics.

Let’s be honest. Our minds seek comfort, because our minds are meant to keep us safe. Great thing if you don’t want to be ran over by a car at an intersection! But if you want to find a new way, it’s gonna be everything but safe. Your heart will have to take the lead!

I used to do Crossfit. The workouts themselves are grueling and I did them 5 am in the morning. As much as I loved Crossfit, there’s no way I could have done it by myself. I saw people sucking through the work outs with me, which gave me the energy to keep going. Make an extra rep! Hold out for another second! I made extraordinary gains, because in that environment, my heart took the lead. In other words, the key to my success was showing up to a place that made me uncomfortable and the rest took care of itself.

This brings me to another saying: “90% of success is showing up” When I think of an environment that makes me uncomfortable, now I know that this is exactly where I need to go.

What places make you uncomfortable? How can you go there more often?


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