Appreciating the heart growth

Over the weekend I went to an annual retreat that has a very special place in my heart. This is not only where I decided to start my business, but also saw my wife for the first time. It’s been exactly two years and so that round number created a desire in me to explore a bit further what what else has changed in my life since then. 

But, instead of focusing on the accomplishments, I’d like to focus on something far more important … willingness to follow my heart. In other words, I want to make this reflection about appreciating the heart growth.

For starters, I thought that relationships were a pat on the back from God that you are being a faithful servant. That’s a big part of a reason that I felt God forgot about me. I achieved all these accomplishments so why are people NOT flocking to me? 

Now I realize that friendships and especially romantic relationships are a privilege, not a right. Every day I am faced with opportunities to serve. If people reciprocate, that’s fantastic, but the moment I expect that, it becomes about me, not God.

I also calculated a return on investment for everything I did. Like at a corporation I worked for, where everything was profit oriented. Even when it made billions in profits, it wasn’t enough. It will never be enough…

That kind of mindset seeped into my personal life. For example, when somebody introduced themselves, one of my first questions was what do you do? When that person had lower status job than me. I was happy. When it was the other way around, I was envious. 

Now I take pleasure in getting to know the person’s uniqueness, because their individuality helps me grow in appreciation of mine.

I’m sure there’s more, but viewing relationships as a privilege and cherishing people’s uniqueness came to my mind first. Not bad for two years!

What has changed for you in the last two years? How much more are you in tune with your heart?


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