How to appreciate internal growth

I started a tradition, back in 2015, to write a letter to my parents on Christmas. The very holiday both of them passed away, 10 years apart. 

What started as a call of desperation to deal with onslaught of negativity in my life, became an annual treat when I get to appreciate how much I’m growing. 

Each year I write the letter. Then, I re-read the previous ones to see how my view of life changed from year to year. What caught my attention this time around is how I advanced my views on the “suck” associated with walking by faith.  

I used to view taking steps of faith as a painful investment. Where I have to let go of my old ways of life for God to show me the new way. I still believe that to be true.

In the short term, however, I am getting better at enjoying the daily struggle for the opportunity to focus on the eternal. I realized that while I am waiting, I get a tremendous amount of joy from acting counter to my circumstances. Instead of sucking it up, like I would in a tough work out, I take baby step of love by saying a prayer, doing a favor for somebody or just smiling … simply because it feels better. 

The more I do that, the better I get in recognizing God’s presence. I realize that there is no reason to delay gratification until I accomplish my objective. For what could be better than finding God in everything? Especially the during the times of trial?

What is a great struggle for you? How can you use it to get closer to God?


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