Dream team stage crew

This Saturday I went to see the the backstage tour at the Alley Theatre. I’ve had the pleasure to see many plays there before, and I always wondered what it takes to make breathtaking productions happen. 

I learned that for each actor, the theatre has 7 full time employees. Then many more seasonal contractors as needed, based on the demands of the play. These are the people who program the eighty five speakers, assist in multiple costume changes with a precision of a NASCAR pit stop crew and build original props from scratch.

As each employee talked about their specific role in the play, I couldn’t help but to notice the love they had for what they did. The very same type of accomplishment you see in an athlete who just won an olympic medal or a championship ring. So much joy and peace!

Isn’t it how it works in our very own lives? To make our dream a reality, don’t we need to make sure everyone in our lives is in that state of joy and peace? To make sure we can mutually benefit from everyone’s best and prevent fear from taking over?

Whether it be a co-worker, family member or even a stranger we get to see but for a brief moment. 

Just like an award winning show, or championship team, we can’t afford for anyone around us to feel redundant.

Otherwise the unprofitable dream, in our minds … will remain unprofitable.

Who is the stage crew that supports your dream? How can you help them to feel more important?


Don’t know how to get started? We tend to be very good at solving problems with our minds. However, when our romantic relationships suffer, we don’t feel fulfilled at work, or don’t have quality friends … it typically has very little to do with logic. It’s driven by a locked up heart.

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