Be consistent when you’re the only one looking

Last Friday I went to Inspired Leaders event where I heard Bob Milner talk about the power of routines. He said that if you study any successful leader, you will find that he or she had a routine that enabled them to make impact happen. 

I thought I had a good routine. But when I heard about Bob’s nuclear launch precision with which he executes his day, I realized that I have quite a bit of room to improve. 

So as I add laser precision to my daily routine I wanted to take a minute to reflect on why it’s so important, so that I can do so with more conviction. 

I think of a routine as an airplane cockpit that allows me to get to my destination faster, by using both engines. Our mind and our heart. For example, I used to keep myself busy so that I wouldn’t have the time to connect with my emotions. I kept doing the same thing over again so I got the same disappointing results when it came to life satisfaction. It’s as if I flew on one engine

Now that I have my own business and make my own schedule, I squeezed too much logic out of my life. For example, when I would run out of ideas, I would either stare at my screen or worse yet, start to conduct “business research” by watching videos that would decrease in relevance the longer I staid on YouTube. I simply overcorrected. I diverted all power to my heart and as such I am still flying on one engine. Just a different one.

By scheduling my creative time I will be able to keep myself honest about it’s purpose and cut it off before the diminishing returns kick in … I will finally utilize both engines.

One of my favorite project management principles just came to my mind: “That which can be measured, can be managed.” A more precise routine, will also allow me to audit my day’s activities to ensure that the balance between the mind and the heart stays optimized. Because when I focus the heart in the right places, at the right times I will be able to free myself to do more … with a lot more love.

How do you balance the mind with heart? How can you upgrade your routine to strike an optimal balance?


Don’t know how to get started? We tend to be very good at solving problems with our minds. However, when our romantic relationships suffer, we don’t feel fulfilled at work, or don’t have quality friends … it typically has very little to do with logic. It’s driven by a locked up heart.

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