Humility as a path to greater love

The more I walk by love, the more I appreciate the importance of humility. I’m sure that being humble is something that I will continually grow into over time and so today I’d like to write some thoughts down to support this process …

If I define love as a demonstration of giving in words and actions, then humility is an ability of not taking it personally when what I consider to be a gift … is not acknowledged as such by the  receiving party. 

Thomas Edison famously said “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

So while I hope that it won’t take 10,000 times on every attempt, humility is a skill that lets me move the focus away from the result color blindness to finding joy in the chaotic creation process.

Because isn’t it ironic how we all want to accomplish big things. Yet, it’s actually the stories of the insurmountable odds and near quits along the way that make books worth reading and movies exciting to watch.

What does humility mean to you? How does humility allow you to love better? 

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