How to keep focus on spiritual health

We are combination of flesh and spirit. One drives the other no doubt. Yet it is so much harder to assess spiritual health over material health.

I’m thinking here of the recent celebrity suicides who seemed to have it all .. in the physical world.

Obviously, I don’t know what went through Anthony Bourdain’s or Kate Spade’s mind and so I’ll use these recent events as a cue to prime my own exploration.

It’s very tempting to think that if I win the lottery, make 10 million dollars or become famous all of my BIG problems will disappear. Yet if you follow the lottery winners alone, that is almost never the case.

So why is it that my mind still gets dragged to focus on what I haven’t accomplished yet over the many blessings I take for granted today?

Perhaps I am missing the forest for the trees.

Perhaps it is time to look at things from an eternal perspective.

Perhaps it is a sign that I think I know ALL there is to know.

Matthew 18:3 says  “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

In the spiritual world, I am much like a child whose senses are underdeveloped. So do I want to leave the house with what I think I know or stay a bit longer with my father to learn my full identity?

It takes A LOT of humility, precisely because the older I get, the more I think I should have everything under control.

So ironically enough, in the spiritual world, the sign of maturity is becoming more childlike.

How does it actually look like? For me, it comes down to praying and building faith muscles by taking baby steps of faith towards peace and joy.

For if I don’t do that, I know that the default prayer will become comparison and I will end up building my compromise muscles by following the fear of missing out.

How do you fill your spirit? Where are your choices leading you to?


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