Vice half-life

The other day when I was doing yoga, the concept of half-life came into my mind. I thought …. we are human and as such imperfect. Biologically, we are wired for zeroing in on danger to keep ourselves from harm … and so it is very natural for us to over focus on the negative.

On the flip side, we are also wired for the appreciation of making progress. In fact, that is the number one reason behind job satisfaction.

So, how do these two come together? I mean, as much progress as I have made, I still fall short. I still have … and will continue to have vices.

More specifically, I still get frustrated.

For example, every Friday I take advantage of Smoothie King’s offer where you get two enhancers for the price of one. I choose fiber blend and peanut butter. Every now and then, and as it happened last week, the clerk tells me that peanut butter is not an enhancer which is always a great test of patience for me. No, I didn’t blow up on the clerk, but I definitely spoke with frustration. Way more frustration than I thought is within me … especially over a one dollar enhancer🤦‍♂️

So rather than beat myself up, I thought about all the other times where I used be frustrated and I am no more. Like last week, when I broke a fluorescent light in the middle in my room and didn’t freak out or how someone cut me off and I said to myself that they must be in a hurry for something important. I could keep going … the point is that I reached a turning point where frustration is an exception, not the rule. Kind of like half-life of a radioactive isotope.

No, just like toxic substances, my toxic habits should not be ignored. Having said that, I know that their days are counted and as such I will not extend their life that much longer by beating myself up over it.

I much rather focus on how far I’ve come, because what you focus on grows.

What is your bad habit turning point? How do you know that its grip reached half-life?


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