We need to be reminded more than we need to be taught

Last week I attended Start-up & Business Essentials Course with VEL Institute. The particular session was on Leadership Principles and the instructor, Bob, mentioned a line that for some reason struck a chord with me. The line was: “We need to be reminded more than we need to be taught” and so I wanted to take some time and explore what that means to me…

A lot of thoughts are coming to my mind, so I’ll go with the one that feels most impactful to me.

I think of teaching as a conduit to our minds. Reminding though, goes a layer deeper … I think of reminding as an opening to our hearts.

Teaching is great and boy, in the age of internet, there’s so much great information out there. Having said that, where possible, the ideal, in my mind, is to start by connecting with the person’s heart. In other words, remind them, how what they are about to embark on is actually, something they felt all along. Except now they’ll have clearer perspective and next steps needed to put it into good use.

How do you do it? Like anything worthwhile, it’s a journey that starts with a daily choice of doing and being.

Doing, by leading with questions; less so answers.

Being, by listening from the place of empathy; trying to see as others are seeing with an intention of finding common ground.

What does reminding over teaching mean to you? What are your first steps?


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