Hope Anchors Souls

Last weekend I went to a Nigerian Catholic mass. It was a total coincidence in terms of how I got there, and yet a total God-incident when it comes to what I got out of it.

The music was so different. Its vigor allowed me to experience God from a different continent’s perspective and consequently showed me just how universal, as well as expansive love for God, is.

During the homily, the deacon mentioned a line that I wanted to spend a bit more time exploring for myself: hope anchors souls.

The first thing that comes to my mind is how our soul is meant to be reunited with God. While there are a lot of beautiful things in this world, none of it combined seems ever to be enough. There’s always a sense of longing for that which cannot be seen or touched. It is only when that which can be touched or seen points to that which is eternal, the longing turns to tremendous joy and peace and as such becomes fully appreciated.

So to me hope is a want to see my heart’s desires unfold as part of God’s plan. Unfold in such a way that even I, looking backwards, become stunned as to how exactly it all came together.

Bold? Unrealistic? Yes, which is why it anchors my soul. For if not, it would mean that I, like an unanchored ship, would drift in whichever way the worldly current happens to be trending.

What anchors your soul?

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