Feeling not enough and love

As I am working on refining my Love Proficiency Quiz, I am definitely facing a lot of discomfort. Tell you what, one of the most humbling experiences is to put something out you think is awesome and see people “misinterpret” it. The reason I put “misinterpret” in quotes is because that seems to be my stress reaction. Even though I’ve come far, I am still very much learning to shift faster from being defensive about my work to being thankful for honest feedback so that I can make the product better.

All of this made me wonder, what is behind all these times, where I get so close to throwing the towel in and quitting?

I believe it’s the feeling of not being enough.

It’s as though the “misinterpretation comments” about my work really say that the world doesn’t get me and I don’t have what it takes to give a meaningful contribution.

What’s the solution? When I don’t feel enough does it mean I don’t love myself? Seems like for me, writing about it is always a great first step. So as I write, my first instinct is to go back to the basics. What is my definition of love? Up until recently, it was intending and choosing what’s best for the other person. Perhaps therein lies the problem. I assumed that I knew what’s best for the other person and when they didn’t respond in a way I deemed grateful, I became internally upset.

So how about this. How about if I change my definition of love to intending and choosing to be a gift to others? This one removes so much expectation that my heart feels lighter as I read it 🤓

More importantly, it frees the focus from managing misunderstandings to creating new possibilities.

When do you feel not enough? What gets you out of that place?

Searching for something better? Don’t know what you want? What’s missing?

This five minute, Love Proficiency Quiz℠ will enable you to look at your situation through a much more eternal perspective.

Why love proficiency? Isn’t true love what you’re really after? Love in your relationships, loving what you do, inspiring love in others … Take the quiz to find out how you can bring more thriving love into all areas of your life.

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