How to leverage your feelings to make better decisions

The more I’m learning, the more I realize just how many decisions are made based on how we want to feel instead of logic. I mean, I used to think I make logical decisions, but those decisions were really made based on what I felt I was lacking and I used my brain to justify my biased decision.

A simple example was my college choice. I went to a good military academy so from a career perspective, it was an excellent choice. That was just a logical cover though. Looking back and knowing what I know now, it’s perfectly clear to me that I wanted to feel confident like the heroes I saw on the movie screen and at the time I thought joining the Army would close the gap.

Later it continued with: I was lonely so I got married, I didn’t feel worthy so I got the highest paid job I could … I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

The point is we are not robots, so we can’t turn our feelings on and off like a light switch.

Since that’s how we were wired, God deemed it good.

How about then if we learn how to leverage our feelings to be biased towards the awe-inspiring? Instead of trying to cover a perceived shortcoming, repurpose that very same determination to bring out the best in us.

If you define love as intending and choosing what’s best for the other person, the focus suddenly switches from what am I lacking to, how what I have, will bring out excellence in others. That’s when the supernatural happens, because when we bring out the best in others, we bring the best in ourselves. Everyone involved feels better and will want to do more of it in the future.

This is something even our logical side can get behind.

What role do feelings play in your decision making? How can you leverage your feelings to bring more love into your life?


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