How to adjust time to oneself

The more I start living in the spirit the more I am fascinated by the concept of adjusting time to me versus adjusting myself to time.

I think we are all very familiar with adjusting ourselves to time. Just like there is a time for us to start crawling, walking and then running so comes a schooling process that leads to employment and culminates in independence. We are by far the most capable species and so it makes perfect sense for our development to be intricately timed as well.

However, if one’s not careful the unnamed idol becomes don’t miss the boat. Actually, it’s better if you take an even earlier, VIP boat. Either way, don’t miss your expected time. For if you do, there’s something wrong with you.

So how does one reconcile that with putting yourself on God’s timeline and letting God adjust timing for you?

Just like infants don’t become functional adults overnight, so I believe that our spiritual development is best served with baby steps. Faith baby steps to be more specific.

One of the ways I do that is through a daily intention of looking everyone I come across with directly in their eyes and greeting them like they just performed a tremendous act of kindness. Not only does it prevent me from getting caught up in the daily grind tunnel vision, but also primes me to recognize others as my eternal journey partners.

My biggest reward then, is getting smiles back, because to me a smile is universal awe acknowledgment sign and also a reminder that I would have never seen that smile, had I not been willing to take a warm greeting step of faith first.

What are the faith baby steps you are taking to adjust time to yourself? Who keeps you accountable?


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